I Was Just Settling Before Living Here

I have looked at a lot of complexes that offer one bedroom apartments. Sometimes I am lucky and able to choose between two or three floor plans, but often it has just been one floor plan that I have been able to have. When I looked at the one bedroom apartments in Arlington MA at the Arlington 360 complex, I was beyond amazed at the different floor plans they have for all their units. For their one bedroom units, there are ten different floor plans. There are also three studio apartment floor plans, and they all range from 598 square feet to 1,115 square feet.

Some of the one bedroom units have a den as well, which was even more mind blowing. Granted, these do cost a bit more than what I was paying before, but that is one price increase that is well worth it. I am getting so much more than just options here. (more…)

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Just Started the Apartment Hunt

I have been living in this area for a couple of months now and I am really pretty happy with the job that I moved here, but so far I have not been able to find suitable apartments for Boston area that I am working in. This city is really difficult to get around in and I am pretty much thinking that a car is not as useful to me as it was when I was living in North Carolina. There I could easily get in my car and get to work without much difficulty. Here there is a really layered problem with commuting by car. (more…)

Looking for a Place in Medford

I have just been here for about a week, staying in the Holiday Inn Express down by the highway. The job does not start until after the weekend, but I wanted to get started on all of the stuff that I have to get done. Of course I have lined up an apartments in Medford MA. That is not going to be ready until tomorrow however and so I have to wait until they give me the key before I can start moving in. I got one of my cousins to help me load up the truck and trailer before I moved down here, but I am going to try to find some guy to help me with the unloading. That probably will not be very hard as I have been talking to some of the people who work here at the hotel. They told me to do what you usually do. (more…)

Running Errands for the New Boss

I have been running around doing things for my new boss all this week. He has just arrived and he does not have time to get set up here, so he has me out scouting for a place for him to live. Today I went to look at some condos in Singapore Seaside Residences is the name of them. A really nice girl was really eager to show me the place and she did not ever seem to realize that I was not the one who was going to buy. Of course she seemed to be flirting with me, and I did not think too much about the obvious idea that this was a sales tactic. If I had the money for this place, then it is pretty likely that she would have made the sale. Of course I was tempted to hit on her, especially since she seemed to be encouraging it. (more…)

Seeking Relief Due to an Accident

I had to seek out the assistance of counsel recently by looking online for a Sacramento personal injury lawyer due to an automobile accident. I’m actually not the sort of person to get involved in personal litigation. I wasn’t raised to seek out legal redress at the top of the hat. I’ve actually fallen before at a private business and didn’t sue. I usually figure let bygones be bygones and just move on with my life. Everyone makes mistakes and it’s unsuitable to engage in lawfare against companies and individuals just to try and make a few bucks.

But the car accident I was involved in changed my mind, at least in this instance. For one thing the person who hit me took off without even showing the courtesy of seeing if I was hurt, and I was hurt. I had whiplash so bad that I had to wear a neck brace. There was even the potential of permanent neck damage this guy hit me so hard. But it was the taking off that was the final straw. (more…)